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Hannover unforgettable rustic wedding ceremony

I do love German bride’s dress style and I am very impressed with Vanessa 's Wedding Style on her important day, last late summer 2018.

They prefer simple, unfussy, yet stunning dresses to huge, sotiphicated designed with sparkle ones.

These gowns help brides to be able to move easily without worry about dresses’ weight in their shooting day and wedding ceremony as well.

Moreover, they are looking more delicacy and elegant.

Some wedding couples would be contented with a garden, beach, or vintage wedding in a vineyard while others strictly follow the traditional church weddings. However, V and F have chosen a very simple rustic free wedding ceremony outdoor in their local.

During the last days of summer, we were lucky enough to accompany Vanessa and Florian on their special day. Hanover surely did know how to celebrate, as the sun was shining consistently despite occasional grey clouds.

In our digitalizing world, it should not be uncommon that people find the love of their life online. Yet online relationships are often deemed short-lived and unserious. With their flourishing love, V and F proof the stereotype wrong. Their deep connection could be felt by the way he looked at her, and she looked at him. Through anecdotes from friends and family, we are amazed by how our lovebirds enhance each other and bring so much joy to the people around them (especially Vanessa and her heavenly baked goods).

With our pictures, we hope to document the first chapter of Vanessa and Florian’s life together. Who knows, maybe we will have the honor to do some more documentation when our lovely couple expect their angel!


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