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Greenery Wedding  Ceremony 

Jen and Phil are one of the beautiful and lovely persons that we have ever met during our career time as Wedding Photographers in Europe.

Jen and Phil chose us immediately at the very first time after we had had a video call with Jen and Phil (just 20mins). 

They held their wedding in Hamburg on a chilly spring day at the end of April, mixed marriage between German and  English, a spiritual Wedding (Freie Trauung) in Hamburg. It is a beautiful greenery destination wedding in Hamburg, a DIY Wedding. They chose Greenery Wedding with the hope that it could be friendly with the environment. They tried to use non-plastic for everything at their wedding. We love these ideas so much.


To Phil, Jen is lovely, friendly, happy, and calm. Moreover, with Jen, Phil is always loving and caring.

Phil shared to us: he is an  Englander living in Germany. He works in film and TV and enjoys photography and film.  Family is important to him. When not working, he enjoys reading philosophy and educational books. His biggest hobby currently is learning German.


About their concept, Phil has made the beautiful wedding arch by himself. Besides, Jen and Phil also decorated their wedding venue by themselves as well.


Furthermore, they prepared their style and concept very carefully, and details then sent us Email every week to discuss their customs and concept. To us, it is essential, because we can understand more our couples and we can create more for wedding photos.

The Wedding Team:

Photographer: Duc Thien Photography Team

Concept and Decoration: Jen and Phil

Florist: Blumen Graaf 

Venue: Röperhof Restaurant in Hamburg

Bridal Grown: Lilly Brautkleider

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