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Spicy but sweet Blankenese-HamburgWedding

Wedding in Hamburg on the hottest and the spiciest summer days -  Kirchliche Trauung Hochzeit in Hamburg an den heißesten und schärfsten Sommertagen

        Yeah, Blankenese- Hamburg is always beautiful in my mind and never let me down- oh, all of us down.

         Have you ever afraid of wearing wedding costumes in the hottest summer? So is my couple.

At the beginning of the meeting, I and D didn't want to book us for 8 hours. Why?  Just because it is too hot in Hamburg for wedding time to have a photo shoot. They didn't want to wear beautiful costumes in lousy condition like warm weather.

         The bride's mama has supported and persuaded them. To her, wedding photos are crucial. The moments they had on their wedding day just come once. And nothing else can be done later again. It is not the real emotions and not the actual feeling on that day.

And they agreed to book us for 8 hours to have enough processes of the wedding photo such as: Getting Ready, First look, Couple Shooting, Ceremony, group photos, Receptions, Party.

If you need a complimentary consultant for your wedding day, please don't hesitate to write to us, and we are always ready to help you hit the stress of the wedding, and be beautiful on your wedding day.


         After the ceremony day, I's mom has said to us: "Thank you, you both are such the best photographer in Hamburg. Ihr seid die besten Hochzeitsfotografen in Hamburg"  Her words were as a cool breeze, which blew the hottest heat.

         Let's have a look our album to feel our couple's love on one of the hottest and the spiciest summer days of Hamburg and to learn more how beautiful Hamburg is through our lenses, and where the most dreamy of Hamburg for wedding photos.


         Our program on that day will be like this:

1) Couple shoot as engagement photos in Blankenese ---> they will have more beautiful couple photos besides the ceremony.

2) Church Ceremony- Kirchliche Trauung

3) Bridal shoot photos- Paarshooting

Just contact us for more advice about your wedding ceremony photos. WRITE US

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