Duc Thien Wedding Photography in Hamburg  (Northern Germany) , Berlin and  Eifel & Aachen , in Germany
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Let's go on an adventure to explore the world of your true emotions, we will guide you on that way, and save all these beautiful memories for you delicately in our shoots.

About Duc Thien Photography

Meet the team

Duc Thien Photography was founded by photographers Linh Phan, Duc Thien and Sheena and is the ultimate combination of both founders’ styles, visions, and cultures.


Based in Hamburg, Berlin and NRW, Germany, both owners specialize in capturing the perfect moments for a variety of occasions. Duc Thien Photography strongly believes in being at the right place at the right time, and with their extensive experience and knowledge of lighting and colours, they aim to create the perfect visual to capture a moment in time and freeze it for eternity.

Why Duc Thien Photography?


For your special moment, you want to make sure that professionals are behind the camera. Photography is more than pressing a button and snapping an image, and you should trust professional artists to capture your event.


Duc Thien Photography specializes in authentic, high-quality images rather than posed visuals. This means the result is a collection of natural, beautifully epic photos that you’ll enjoy forever.


LINH PHAN in Hamburg

For Linh, weddings are a natural part of life. Having been married herself in 2011 and the mother of two children, family and weddings are her specialties. She graduated with a degree in Information Management from Haw Hamburg, and after which began work as an Assistant Photographer and wedding planner assistant.


The favorite part of her job is making people happy through the work she provides. Weddings are usually one of the happiest memories for most people, and her goal is to capture that raw emotion perfectly for people to cherish and relive for years to come.


She knows that the details of images matter the most, and is no stranger to advising and helping wedding participants find the perfect styles, colors, and other elements to create the perfect image in visual harmony. Linh is not only your wedding photographer but your wedding designer as well.


In 2018, Linh purchased the Duc Thien brand name and is now the Creative Director for the photography studio. Both she and Duc work hand in hand and are practically family at this point.


Duc-Thien Pham in Brandenburg-Berlin

Duc-Thien Pham has a background and a degree in IT, but his true calling came after graduation and in enrollment in a graphic design program at a local university. During his time there, he fell in love with the art of telling stories through visual mediums. A traveler at heart, Thien lives on the go and enjoys traveling from one event, city, country, and continent to the next on photo shoots.

He is now living in Hamburg and Potsdam


As a person of few words, Thien speaks through his visuals and specializes in providing his customers with images they’ll cherish forever.


Among other things, Thien specializes in the following:

·      Portrait Photography

·      Elopement and Destination Wedding Photography

·      Group Images

·      Professional Headshots

·      Ceremonial Photography


Thien Pham has worked as a professional wedding photographer for over eight years, and together with Linh Phan, they are the perfect duo for your next event.


Second Shooter - Planning & Event Manager

Sheena in Aachen & Eifel

Sheena has a background and a degree in Digital Marketing and Event Management. Her love of Concept Planning for Elopements and photography comes from her desire to bring others joy and a passion for giving people an experience they will never forget.


 Some facts about Sheena:

- She studied Event- Marketing Management and lived in Hamburg for nine years.

- She married in 2015 and moved to Aachen in 2018 with her husband, but she still works with the team in Hamburg and national-wide

- Languages: Vietnamese, English, and German well. She can speak a little French and Spanish.

- Hobbies: Adventurous travelling, hiking, cooking.

- Her Cat names: Sammi

- Her friendship with Linh has begun since 2009.

- In 2017 she helped Thien and Linh to do some marketing as a friend without benefits.

-In 2018 she realised which job she loves most, and she decided to work with the team together.

- In this team, she is responsible as an assistant for Linh and administrates this website.

She is now customer service manager, also as a marketer and a blog writer.

Together with Linh and Thien, Sheena creates the concepts for elopements, adventurous intimates wedding photos. When the team needs, she can be a second shooter for couples, who need the second photographer for a big wedding.