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DucThien Elopement/ Destination Wedding  Photography

in Germany & Europe





Some of the questions we have been asked regarding our photographic services.

Please review the list, and should you have any questions not answered here, please contact us at:

Do You Charge For Travelling?


Duc Thien Pham would love to take wedding photos in Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein, Niedersachsen, Brandenburg, Nordrhein Westfalen and nationwide, of course, DESTINATION WEDDING Photos in Europe.


In our wedding reportage, there is much passion, because every love story deserves photos that make them timeless. Travel expands the horizon. Therefore, we'd also like to be asked for weddings nationwide and throughout Europe.

Within the city of Hamburg, and Berlin, there is no travel cost, but outside Hamburg and Brandenburg, we calculate the price according to the actual efforts (fuel cost or train ticket). Of course, we discuss this in advance of your booking. We do not calculate travel time.

For full-day bookings with long journeys (from 150 km each way), we would ask you to provide a place to stay (guesthouse or similarly), because we would prefer not to have to drive home in the dark from somewhere after midnight and a long day of work. It costs 0,65 cent per km from Hamburg central.


Do You Offer Wedding Destination Coverage? How Does It Work?

Yes, we do!

"Big adventures mean big and amazing storytelling!"

We love wedding destinations, and we have photographed weddings across Europe, Vietnam and worldwide. We love to serve clients from all around the world. Thus, our wedding photography packages include the costs of travel and the most reasonable accommodations.


How Many People Do You Need To Fly Out?

Depending on your package, timeline, number of guests, and programs, we would need you to fly out up to 2 people per team (photographer and assistant). Also, we would like to depart for the destination a day in advance. The reason for this is that we would like to have plenty of time to scout out your wedding venue as well as ensure that we will be on time to the location on the day of your wedding.  As for the departing flight, we typically have the tickets booked for the day after your last event, preferably at a later time.


Do You Edit By Yourself All Of Our Photos?

Yes, we would always and of course personally do that.

Every image that you receive has been hand-edited, one at a time, without batching in bulk groups or mass-producing. Only us can understand the emotions at your wedding day and will focus 100% of our passion on the beauty, sunlight, colour, and feelings of wedding photography so that sometimes we love sitting for hours just for one perfect photo. As wedding photographers, Thien and Linh are known as a perfectionist.


Do You Photograph Details And Family Group Photos?

Yes! A wedding photography collection would not be completed without useful details and family photos, and we take all the photographs one would expect out of any wedding photographer.


What Do You Do If We Have An Outdoor Venue And It Rains On Our Wedding Day?

There are always alternatives in this situation. How about a shoot in a greenhouse, or with an umbrella; maybe in the church or just at your house? There are many places to take pictures indoors. We will discuss alternatives before photoshoots only in case. Of course, in the worst situation, shootings could also be postponed to another date.

But if you are happy and into the rain, it will be shown in your photos. We see rain as a fun, adventurous twist that usually brings laughter and spontaneity.


See more here as an example: with umbrella and without an umbrella & under the rain.

Otherwise, without an umbrella, choose an alternative place in the building or warm place: Look here.


How Does Payment Work?

We require a non-refundable retainer (Deutsch: Nicht erstattungsfähig Anzahlung) to hold your date around 14 days after the contract is signed, and the second payment as final instalment should be paid around two weeks after your wedding day. Your photo is edited just ONLY we receive the final instalment. 4 WEEKS AFTER the last payment is successfully funded, we will send you the final product via Email and Post.


How Long Will I Have To Wait To Get My Photos?

It varies significantly depending on the wedding, but generally somewhere around 40-50 photos per hour of photography. We also create and edit copies of family portraits and many other amazing moments in black and white as well, of course in the highest resolution with no watermark.

It will depend on which time of the year, we will have a gallery online for you, complete with your entire set of photos generally within one to two months from your wedding day with careful work with details of each picture.

You will receive a flash drive or USB 8GB containing the same set of high-resolution files approximately ten days after your gallery becomes live.

We often post a sneak peek or two for you on Facebook and Instagram within a few days of your wedding as well. If you have a wedding hashtag, share it with us!


Do You Offer Videography?

Before 2019 we did not offer Videography, but from 2019 we offer VIDEOGRAFIE at a reasonable price.

Do We Get The Copyright Of the Images?

Copyright is something that we get asked about often.

„Our copyright“ simply means that Thien and Linh are the creators of the images, and they “own” their copyright. Of course, your families and wedding guests may also freely use the photos you receive from us privately, share them on social networks, and so on, at no extra cost to you.

The more people enjoy the pictures, the better it is for everyone involved.

Selling or obtaining “his copyright” is not possible, but you will have the ability to print and share your images as much as you’d like.


Do We Receive The Raw, Unedited Files?

The raw, unedited files aren’t available for viewing or purchase. This is like asking us to give you the leftover ingredients used to make your dinner. The images selected for editing and final delivery reflect our very high standards and everything else isn’t archived in the studio.

Please rest assured that images not delivered truly are outtakes! We do not cull to meet a certain number of provided images, so every viable model is edited carefully and transported.


Would You Show Our Photos In Your Portfolio And On Your Website?

We are passionate photographers; our work is also our passion, we would be attached to our photos, where we put a lot of time and love in it and even live from showing off our crafts. Without photos from recent wedding reports, interested couples have no chance to find out if they like our style and our website. Thanks to our portfolio, you could also make your decision based on the photos that you can see on our website. Apart from that, we are happy to be able to show our work with pride and joy, because for us it is not just "any job". Therefore, our prices listed under Services include a right to publish the photos for us. As this publication looks like, you can see it in the gallery or our wedding reportages on the blog.


If you want to exclude a publication of the photos by us, this is a pity for us but of course possible. Unfortunately, the total contract (invoice) price incurs a surcharge. If necessary, tell us when booking that you do not want the pictures to be published, so that we can include them in the booking contract.


How Can We Set Up A Meeting With You?

It’s easy! Complete the contact form on our site, and we will get in touch and get you on the schedule. We are usually busy on Saturdays. We think, especially in the summer months, when it gets dark later, you can set up a shoot during the week. Of course, there are exceptions; free appointments can also be given on Saturdays.

Wedding dates are usually already scheduled several months in advance, on some Saturdays even routine shootings are possible.

We recently Skyped with one couple who lived in Vietnam, US, Canada, Hong Kong – they were waking up and recovering from partying the night before, and we were getting ready to go to bed. We can always find a time and method that works!

All meetings are held in Hamburg, Germany.

We schedule consultation days and evenings, so we are sure we can find a time that works for you!


When Is The Best Shooting Time?

Weddings are often on the weekends, especially in the period from May to September.

That depends entirely on the position of the sun. When it is half clear of clouds, pictures are beautiful before two hours before sunset.

For early birds even during the sunrise, it is usually always empty, if you are in crowded locations. Of course, the times vary between winter and summer, and it can also be photographed in the mornings or afternoons, but preferably not at lunchtime, when the sun is at its highest.

See more our best shooting time ever at 5 a.m. of autumn 2019:

Can I Get More High-Resolution Photos?

The selection of the pictures that you will receive is stored in my possession. You can reorder for up to a year after the shoot. It will be 10 Euros per high-resolution photo extra.


What If You Are Sick?

Luckily, it has been eight years that Thien, our chief photographer, has never been sick directly on G-Time, and it has been eight years that Thien has not yet denied any weddings despite his problems.

It has not happened yet, but of course, we understand your concerns.

Everybody can get sick. If the case arises, we are also a team with two best assistants, who can also take wedding photos with many experiences, besides, we have many contacts of great photographers so that we have enough possibilities with a clear conscience to find a replacement for this important day.


We will not leave you in the rain. With regular shootings, the date can also possibly move a bit, but here we can convey in an emergency.


How Far In Advance Do We Need To Book You As Our Photographer?

As soon as you can.

If you are interested in having us accompanying your wedding photographically, you are welcome to request.

The appointment can be reserved for a while, and we will clarify everything else. From experience, we can advise you (since most weddings take place in the summer season) to inform you in the previous year and the photographers were searched not too late to go.

For example, in 2018 we received nearly ten inquiries of our couple on the same day of June and August.

Now we are in November 2021, and we were nearly fully-booked from April to September 2022.

Do you photograph with a second photographer?

It depends on the package you choose and the circumstances. With us, second photographers are always necessary. This is the reason why there is still a second shooter free for you when you book us packages from 8 hours. We are always two when you want to have "Getting Ready shoots", one of us will be with the bride, and the other one will be with the groom. Besides, Thien would be like photographers ninja, and he has been known to be in two places at one time despite known physics.


All of our second photographers know us and our style well and provide us with raw photographs for us to edit consistently with your look.

You have to change your Wedding Date DUE TO CORONA SITUATION since 2020. What will happen?

When your changing date in our calendar is still available, then you can take new booking without any issues.

Do you still have questions? 
Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
We would love to hear from you
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