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Intimate Eifel National Park Adventure Wedding Elopement

in Autumn 2018  in NRW -Germany

Elopement is not a strange occasion for the Europeans recently but it has become a new trend, a new experience for those who wish to have an intimate and private wedding with just the two of them.


Why did they choose to do an elopement?

  • On a chilling day of early autumn, an elopement for Bibi and Chris was in preparation and everything had been decided just a week ago. Because Chris is a teacher of a primary school in NRW and Chris only had two weeks of autumn break with his school in mid-October and so they had decided to enjoy their moments together in a special, unique and remarkable way.

  • Bibi and Chris’s low-key wedding included a spectacular sunrise and sunset portrait session and was captured by Duc Thien Photography and planned by Sheena Lili

  • The location for the elopement was at Eifel National Park and Heimbach, which was one hour drive away from Chris‘s place. Our team came up with the photoshoot plan for the elopement with the couple. Bibi confided to us that this is their first marriage and they had got no experience on organising an elopment. We understood that and our experience with other exciting elopements would greatly help both us and them on creating a simple but distinguish elopment. Especially, they made the decoration and the Dream Catcher themselves for their future fulfilling dreams. We were not just photographers but also those who gave them a hand in making their elopment successful as the wedding planners.

Photography - DUC THIEN Photography
Planner: Sheena Lili
Venue – Eifel National Park-Germany
Makeup Artist – HANH PHAM
Wedding Dress – VO THANH CAN
Bridal Accessories – HOMEMADE by Aachen und Friends
Favors – Ja Hochzeit Shop
Florist: Herzblut Floristen GmbH Düren
We woke up at 5am and decided to hike up to the mountain to watch the sunrise and enjoyed the warmth of the sun slowly shining on the faces. The green hills in the far distance was dyed with this golden sunrise light and it was phenomenal. In this moment, we thought we were living in the frames of our favourite files. We were deeply in love with the scene and nearly forgot to do our job, the elopment.
We rushly bid goodbye to the sun, went back to the place in Heimbach and Eifel National Park and the makeup artist  Hanh Pham had been there waiting for us and the process began. Chris and Bibi picked their corners and started reviewing their vows. The costumes was made ready for the important day.
When everything had settled, Chris nervously waited in the front yard. He was waiting to see his loved one in her wedding dress for the first time. When Bibi appeared, his emotion bursted. The couple became one, in the sunset, forgot everything around them. Time seemed like it had stopped. The master of ceremonies had to interrupt this otherwise special moment for the wedding ceremony to be started on time, at the best moment of the day.
On the balcony, the light of the sun was dancing on the glasses and plates. The master of ceremonies started the wedding with a soft and gentle sone. The sunset and candle light molded together, making the ceremony the most romantic one that we had not seen in years. The rings were given and today, they are men and wife.

On the second day:

  • We chose the Heimbach Castle as the location for the after wedding shoot. Chris and Bibi spent the whole time together to create these after wedding photoshoots. And their journey beginns from now.

  • Love - Feeling- Real and Raw Emotion can be spread

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