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Unique 700-year-old frangipani trees road on the sacred Yen Tu-Mountain

Early Winter days in Yen Tu,


Yen Tu is very well-known for its landscape and Yen Tu mount has preserved many historical sites that are often dubbed as the “birthplace of the Vietnamese Buddism”. This place is considered as the holy land of the religion with pagodas that aged more than a thousand years and they are all tightly-connected to a branch of Vietnamese Buddism called “Trúc Lâm Yen Tu”


HA and N spent two emotional days in this land to discover its spirit. On the first day, we were greeted with heavy rain but it could not dither us and in the end, God did not make us disappointed. The rain gradually stopped, the sky was getting clearer and the sun started to appear. The couple spent valuable time to enjoy the brilliant sunshine from the window. When they sat together in the bathtub and indulged themselves in nostalgic space of Yen Tu Legacy resort, they looked incredibly happy. When the sun went down, we were standing on the edge of the mountain under a beautiful purple sky, filled with shining stars. Those were moments that will be extremely hard for us to witness again in our life. I watched them dancing with a fiery passion for each other in their eyes. The next day, we woke up very early when the sun had not risen yet and this mountainous region was all silent and peaceful. We prepared the wedding ceremony together. The location we chose for the wedding was a 700 years old ancient road that lied on the peak of the Yen Tu mountain. This road was chosen because it represented the spirit of the couple’s love: strong, enduring and harmonious with nature. To climb up there and bring all of the wedding decoration was a big challenge for us but we succeeded in the end after putting huge effort into our work. The special flower gate was designed and built meticulously to match the scenery of the road. When the soothing and romantic melodies started to play, Anh and Nhat were trembling emotionally and they looked into each other’s eyes with their oaths written down. “Today is a very special day.” - Nhat said - “It was the day for just the two of us. A day that we left all of the sorrow and sadness behind and to be in this place, where our love form an eternal bond. I would also like to express our deepest gratitude to the team that helped us prepare for our wedding.”

Photo and Planner: Duc Thien Team
Hair and Makeup artist: Kin Doan
Floral Design: Phi Diep Wedding
Invitation & Stationery: Flocat Creation
Leather handcraft: 26th Supply
Calligraphy: Duka
Location: Yen Tu, Quang Ninh, Viet Nam
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