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T + T



T and T are one of our lovely couples, who come from Berlin, Germany, and we are destination wedding photographers based in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany. We are willing to fly out everywhere in this beautiful continent named Europe.

Spring 2019, a vintage coffee shop in Berlin, where we met them on a gorgeous and chilly day.

They contacted us and wondered if they could have a good photo album before their tradition wedding in June 2019, which is holding in Vietnam. 

They just wanted an exceptional style for their elopement. After a thousand times exchanging email, small talks, we knew that the French Wedding style is where inspired them a lot, especially Paris. We decided Paris, one of the most romantic cities in Europe, is the best destination for their Elopement. They would elope in Paris.

Why our couple chose Paris as their wedding destination to elope?


They were in Paris once on vacation last year, and they wish they would turn back there again, when they get married.


They said to us that they love the chic French style and wished that their wedding could get inspiration from Paris somehow. Otherwise, they are also the movie lovers, with the movie “Midnight in Paris” (which influenced the location).


During their conversation, we suggested a lot of complimentary consultation for them in Paris.

They are one of the most caring couples that we have known. We discussed with them not enough only with email, but also Whatsapp, message, Chat. Whenever we had free time, we answered them immediately, to find out the best way and best style to prepare for them everything.

To T and T, we are not only who hold the camera but also their partners, who followed them all the routines in Paris.

With them, Elopement is not something big different like climb the mountain, or go to the epic view etc. they need somehow like the French style with a peaceful and romantic view and be together where they dreamt, where they wished should be back once when they married. I think some of you would have those thoughts like my couple.

Of course, a French breakfast for the bride and groom can be not forgotten. They planned to have a good French breakfast, with a Parisian style for their elopement wedding photography in Paris


T and T chose the quietest corner near " LA SEINE" (the name of the famous River in Paris, River Seine)  and near Notre Dame Cathedral to exchange their love, and their words.

It was a perfect simple ceremony, a dreamy elopement on the Seine.


 It was such a beautiful moment that people passing by on the boats at the Seine river were all giving them tons of applause and shouting congratulations! That made T and T  feel more special!





Planning: SHEENA //

 Florals: FLOWER DE PARIS by Guillaume Dian-Fon //

 Wedding dress: DAMI BRIDAL by DAO // 

 Makeup artist: MINH PHUONG DO

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