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T + T

Spring- Elopement

A rainy day in Potsdam


For us, every couple is unique, distinctive and special. That is the reason why we also aims to have our products to have the signature of their own.

When we met T and T, the first impression was their honesty and modesty and we were also moved by their love for our work and service. They were offered the basic package with half price and if we hadn't been touched by our impression on the couple, we would not be able to work on this project. Once we found out they could not get back to Vietnam for their wedding in the foreseeable future, we had decided to organise a wedding for them in Potsdam (this was called an elopement). T and T put all of their trust in us and agreed to proceed with our ideas. We have also provided consultation and guidance on the development of their elopement concept, exactly as what T( our bride) had in her mind.


In order to have a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony with the bride's mother as the only relative who were able to witness, T (our bride) checked and carefully handpicked every flower according to our suggestion and worked together with us to decorate the venue of the wedding ceremony.


On the day of the photoshoot, the weather got off all day long with hail. Despite all difficulties, we decided to carry on with the wedding under the chilling cold weather and even though rains and wind brought together with them coldness, our heart were warm-heated with moments of genuine love from the young couple.


The moment T (bride)'s mother held her hand and walked her to Tuan, a lot of people there were in tears. We were a part of the team that helped to create the best moment in their love story. We felt extremely happy when they gave their vows to each other.


Perhaps, we should stop here and let you watch the photo album to experience the same feeling we had.

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