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 A Macro Wedding

during COVID-19 Pandamic



How my couple celebrate 10 years of love by a wedding❤️

In this difficult time like Covid-19 Pandamic, celebrating a big wedding must be postpone instead cancelled, and we cannot do great thing, we can only do small things with great love, so is one of our special couples. 

Usually people will choose a wedding date on the weekend. However this couple chose not to follow the weekend, but their 10th anniversary of being in a relationship.

This couple really wants something special, not a bored "Standesamt" (Civil Wedding), then we told them: "How about a free spiritual ceremony, and show how your love is?"

Then, our couple chose the way to read their love letter, their vows, and told us about their 10 year- journey in real love.

We especially know how to congregate, direct to do and design their own vows for their special day.

We recommend some particularly nice places to have photo shoot.

The weather is not so good as usual (Hamburg is characteristic of the rain), but ultimately we have completed the task.

If you need something special for your wedding day, please don't hesitate to contact us and send us an email, then we can discuss about your plan more. We are willing and very glad to help you where, and what we can.

Location: Westin Hotel Hamburg

Concept & Photo by: Duc Thien Team

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