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G + L
Ceremony in Kartzow, Potsdam

Photo and Planner: Duc Thien Team
Hair and Makeup artist: Stella Loewnich
1. Wedding Dress: Juliette bridal,
2. Wedding Dress: Creamy
Groom Suit: Suitsupply

Invitation & Stationery: Linh Chi
Decoration: Linh Chi
Location: Schloss Kartzow, Potsdam, Germany

Potsdam- 2020 - Castle Kartzow

It was the hottest day of 2020, but with the theme romantic and blush elegant, their wedding became softer and more gentle under the hottest sun of late summer.

After many difficulties in choosing a location for our bride and groom to hold a wedding ceremony outdoor, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we chose Potsdam as a place to hold a beautiful free- spiritual wedding.

It was the hottest day of 2020. The temperature reached 35 degrees Celsius but all of us, the couple and the guests were very happy when everything went very smoothly after many times having to move and change their wedding from May till August, because of state laws and prevention of covid 19.

We understand and follow all the rules of epidemic prevention so that nothing will affect their once-in-a-lifetime great wedding.

What Is a Spiritual Wedding Ceremony?

"A spiritual wedding ceremony is a type of ceremony that acknowledges the couples' connection to God or the divine but allows the freedom to express it in their way during the ceremony".


What has helped our couple to stay positive during this time
Our Bridal couple shared us the best pieces of advice for staying positive during this time is knowing that they aren’t in this alone.
Indeed, we, our photographers and partners always help our couple to change date in this difficult time without any more fee from 2020 to 2021.

We are all going through this together and no matter what happens you guys still have LOVE - the entire reason you’re even planning a wedding. 
" We still have the love of our life and even if that means waiting a little longer, it means we can hold on to the joy of planning and being excited a little longer too." - share G & L 's thoughts.

During this time, our team- Duc Thien Photography team - also have many difficulties, but w
e are very fortunate to have customers who sympathize and understand us a lot.

Together, we are fortunate to have only 2 weddings to cancel, the rest all join hands with us to overcome 2020.


More specifically, we are very grateful to our beloved customers for always accompanying us

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