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I + M

Ceremony in the Old Land

(Altes Land)

As we made our way to I & M’s new house, we drove passed endless rows of apple trees. That was when we know that we have arrived in Altes Land.


I & M had just moved into their new house the night before. It was a small, cosy house in the middle of apple tree yards. Our couple also wished to have some photos among apple trees, so we had a quick session in their neighbourhood. It was peak apple season, so the tree branches were heavy with shiny red apples. Our bride is a professional hair & make-up artist, so it was no doubt that she looked breathtakingly beautiful in her magnificent wedding dress.


The week before, we had accompanied them during their civil ceremony. This time, they would be celebrating the marriage with family and friends during a “Freie Trauung” (open-air wedding ceremony) at the Hotel Altes Land in Jork. What we love about this kind of ceremony is its naturalness. We could catch beautiful unplanned moments like the occasional glances between the groom and the bride, or booming laughs among the audience upon a hilarious anecdote.


After the ceremony, we had a fun session with the bride and groom together with their family and close friends in the garden pavilion. As the night unfolded, we headed upstairs in Hotel Altes Land, where the hotel chef has lovingly prepared a buffet spread. A little bit later into the night, our couple has their First Dance. The DJ turned up some music and got everybody on the dance floor.


Bidding farewell to our couple before we wrapped up, the lyrics from the song which I’s Mother has sung during the ceremony were still stuck in our head:

“Some say love, it is the river…”

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