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Re. + Pa.
Morbach 700- year-old Castle DestinationWedding Ceremony
August 2019

When do you know that he or she is the one? R and P definitely have the answer to this question, for their wedding took place in the middle of the 700-year-old Baldenau fortress in Morbach, located in the charming valley of the uppon Dhron brook.

Our first thought at the sight of the castle, when our team was there is: "That could just as be found in Scotland!". It is probably the only water castle in Hunsrück. The good piece is located in a quiet corner - a few minutes from the Hunsrück high road. A side trip is definitely worth it. The well-filled moat is populated by koi carp and frogs. Incidentally, the water in the moat does not stop there - wet meadows in the area feed a stream, which makes its way through the moat ... In the immediate vicinity of the ruins, there is a hiking trail, where you can find access to a nature reserve of a special kind.


We were booked for ten hours. R and P got ready in their parents’ houses in two different villages with Morbach as the middle point. Our Team  Leader photographer, Thien, accompanied R and our second shooter, Phuong, followed P. We got to witness the excitement as well as the emotional rollercoaster that the parents went through upon their children’s wedding. Most of all, we knew that our couple was beloved.


As both have Russian roots, the ceremony was kept true to tradition. The ancient brick walls gave off a solemn air; when the bride and groom exchanged vows it felt almost sacred as if God was also there with His blessings. At the end of the ceremony, R and P sent two white pigeons into the sky, their wings soared as the roots of their love sprouted. On nature’s earthy canvas, fresh flowers, loving acquaintances and lively children stood out in white, pastel pink and Sacramento green tones. Due to the special location in the middle of the wilderness, we have incorporated a flying drone into our equipments. Without this addition, we wouldn’t have been able to capture the group photo.


R and P married young, which means they have even more time together as husband and wife on this amazing journey called Life. We feel very much honoured to document their most special day on photos.


As an adventurous crew not only in Germany but also in Europe, we are always open to Destination Wedding ideas. Just let us know your dream location, we will pitch creative ideas and guide you through every step to your special day. We all want to save the best wonderful and unforgettable moments for our couples.

Much love,

Duc Thien Photography Team

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