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The DREAMY WEDDING of two influencers in Hamburg

It is the most exciting international wedding that we were thrilled to shoot in Hamburg 2018 when we were booked precisely one year ago 2017.

 Both of them are influencers in Hamburg. Our bride is one of the most influential people in politics and specialises in helping refugees and social issues in Berlin. She has been famous in the press since 2015 and is now working on political science (because she studied this field and graduated in Berlin).

She said: "Weddings are not allowed as we wish. We had to follow the family tradition". Her wedding invited nearly 200 guests from all over the world to bless her.


Read the newspaper here:

Her groom is an excellent professional German Boxer of the Team Sauerland! Six weeks before the wedding day, won the vacant IBF European middleweight title, with the first prize of the gold medal, the  IBF-Europameistertitel in Middleweight Champion.

Our couple is pretty amazing, but both of them are so humble and simple.

Our bride immediately pressed the selection button to choose us when viewing the portfolio 😉. That makes us proud and honour.

So now, let's have a look at their lovely stories with the elegant theme and gentle romantic decoration.

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