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S. + P.
From Hamburger old school bus in childhood to happy forever

The love story of S and P is a fairy tale that makes many people will believe in love more and believe in the first love.

Their wedding is the dreamest wedding that we have ever known in Hamburg.

In the small town in Hamburg, around 20 years ago, S and P knew each other at high school, they fell in love and then decided to stay together since then till now.

After a stable life with opening a very famous bakery shop in Hamburg named  HOLZOFENBÄCKEREI NUR HIER together, and having a prince and a princess, they decided to tie a knot and to organise their dream wedding in a golden time of year: It's October 2019. They rented the right old school bus from their childhood memories, where they knew each other at the very first time. S & P had planned the wedding in Hamburg very meticulously, in details and very long since last year.


In the plan after the ceremony, they will take a couple of photos together with the old school bus, and they decided to find it again. That was the fantastic highlight of that day, so many events, so many memories rushed to them so that we, the wedding photographers who held the cameras, could not hide the emotions.

We have to be very restrained to have unforgettable pictures with them.

Of course, all delicious wedding cakes, biscuits, cookies and sweets on the big day were made by S & P with love.

We are also happy and honoured to be a part on their wedding day as a Storytellers through our lenses. We wish S and P all the best and live happily forever.

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